Animal Healing Treatments


Animals enjoy and benefit immensely from energy healing therapy, a safe, non-invasive and effective treatment that brings homeostasis back to the animal, improving wellness and their own quality of life. A holistic therapy such as energy healing treats the being as a whole; physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually as opposed to just the symptoms.

Combining Reiki energy and crystal healing during an intuitive treatment, Ross Cooper (Rosca Holistic Health) has many years experience as a healer with extensive knowledge from within the animal industry, specifically equine, canine and feline behaviour.

This helps in the interpretation of the subtle 'release' signals between the different species, and ensures each individual will be in safe healing hands.


Each animal will respond differently, with these responses naturally varying between individual and species. There are multiple benefits to your pet receiving an energy treatment, including:

  • Creating a state of calm and relaxation

  • Emotional and trauma release

  • Removal of energy blockages

  • Behavioural issues

  • Relief of physical pain and ailments

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Complimenting prescribed and holistic therapies

  • Reduction of medicinal side-effects

  • Aids and accelerates the bodies self-healing abilities

  • Release of stress, tension and negative energy

  • Supporting the immune system


Healing treatments are given in your pets own environment, with each animal given the freedom of movement at liberty to allow communication to be both effective and willing. Movement can mean they have taken what they need from a treatment, but not always so; sometimes this can be to present and redirect the healer to the area of which they need the healing. Visions or 'images' are sometimes experienced when connected during a treatment, however this is not to be confused with animal communication.

Treatment Rates

Animal Healing - £40

(45-60 Minute)

(+ travel expenses outside of a 5 mile radius)

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Animal healing can not be used as a substitute for medical diagnosis, medical treatment or behavioural therapy. Medical diagnosis, medical advice and medical treatment can not be given. If you believe your pet to be ill,  contact your local. veterinarian