Aromatherapy is the art of choosing specifically scented essential oils for a holistic approach to wellness, having a dynamic effect on the body to bring balance to the you both emotionally and physically.

Humans have harnessed the healing properties of botanics for centuries, with essentials oils selected from plants to provide specific sedative, stimulating or refreshing therapeutic qualities. Aromatherapy is experienced through the sense of smell, connecting to the deepest and primeval parts of the brain. Massage can be combined with aromatherapy oils to enhance their qualities; as an all-inclusive treatment, this generates a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical sense of wellness through inhalation and massage.

Blockages in the body disrupt the flow of prana; vibrational healing such as essential oils can help restore the balance of minor energy flows within the body. Aromatherapy taps into these vibrational forces of energy, using the life force of the plant, transferring medicinal properties to those being treated. This type of therapy, on a physical level, can ease muscular tension, aches and pains, aid congestion and improve circulation, as well as being exceptionally beneficial for balancing emotional states such as; anxiety, concentration, stress, depression and fatigue.

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