Clinics, Demonstrations and Workshops with Rosca Horsemanship provide a fun, informative and relaxed learning environment for you to learn about your horse, with your horse, developing your own horsemanship and knowledge, whilst meeting and interacting with a variety of like-minded people, all there for the same reason




Clinics with Rosca Horsemanship can focus on a variety of training areas; from general horsemanship, groundwork and body communication, through to ridden communication, confidence and development.  Each clinic will meet the level, comfort and aims of those involved. A generalised structure consisting of a morning session, followed by lunch, before continuing to the afternoon session and finishing with a group discussion and re-cap. 1 and 2 Day Clinics are available and can be tailored made.

If you would be interested in hosting a clinic, please get in touch for information.



Demonstrations are a more visual type of clinic. Open to spectators, these will see Ross work with the horse on the demonstrations subject of training, followed by a Q&A session and interactive group discussion. Time may vary dependant on the demo focus.

If you would be interested in hosting a demonstration, please 
get in touch for information.



Workshops offer a combination and feature observational, theory and practical-based learning, varying on the topic and focus of the workshop. Workshops are highly interactive and always receive excellent feedback, and can be tailored to suit the interests of all.

If you would be interested in hosting a workshop, please get in touch for information.

Clinics are currently available throughout the UK and EU, 

be sure to keep an eye on the Events page for the latest near you!