D I  S T A N C E   L E A R N I N G
&    O N L I N E  C O A C H I N G 

Distance Learning with Rosca Horsemanship is a productive and beneficial way to gain informative insight in to the relationship and development between yourself and your horse, without obtaining those extra miles, making lessons accessible worldwide, anywhere, anytime!

Specifically designed with distance in mind, a number of interactive distance learning options are available with Rosca Horsemanship. As an Equine Psychologist and UKCC coach,

Rosca Horsemanship will help and support your development through a selection of innovative online coaching options, whether this be through a series of online lessons,

live video reviews or behavioural plans.

Upon purchase of your online selection, a Rosca Horsemanship programme specific  'Mile File' will be sent directly to your email address with all the information you need.

Distance Learning
Online Coaching Programme

Through a series of online lessons, the online coaching programme with Rosca Horsemanship will aid you in your ridden development and communication, simultaneously improving your horses performance, to achieve your goals.

5 minute video length, 720p minimum, HD preferred



Distance Learning
Online Training Programme

The online training programme with Rosca Horsemanship aids  progression and development with your horse, providing a tailor-made lesson plan, including the exercises and subtleties to be mindful of, to provide your horse with both essential education, and fun, stimulating exercises, for an enjoyable and progressive learning experience.


5 minute video length, 720p minimum, HD preferred


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Distance Learning

Video Review

Video reviews with Rosca Horsemanship can aid in providing greater insight to your equines behaviour (or your own!) to help shed light on a new behaviour, or a means to progression.

These reviews can be submitted to Ross for review, or can be watched in live time for discussion together.


5 minute max video length, 720p minimum, HD preferred


Distance Learning
Equine Exercise Programme

Equestrian fitness, both of the horse and the human,

 is essential for optimum gymnastic performance, communication and development.

After initial assessment, a fitness plan will be provided inclusive of achievement record, explanation of why exercise is important and a brief overview of bio-mechanics, and a plan tailored to you.


Distance Learning

Shaping Behaviour Programme

Shaping is a behaviourally-minded approach of

working towards a specific behaviour through a step-by-step approach.

After initial assessment, a shaping plan will be provided inclusive of achievement record, explanation of shaping, and a plan tailored to the behaviour you wish to promote, or change.


Distance Learning
Live Videocall Session

Live video-call sessions with Rosca Horsemanship provide you with 30 minutes of undivided attention and learning without leaving your sofa!

Available for consultations, behavioural information and problem solving, video-calls with Ross can be done through a number of platforms including Skype, Zoom and Whatsapp which make

these calls available anytime, on PC and mobile