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Mindfulness is the adoption of a new mind set, a psychological practise of training the mind to bring awareness to the present moment through a series of exercises and techniques, altering mood and mentality. 

A holistic approach to self-care, Mindfulness works in unison with the mind, body and soul as one. It is not a religion and one does not have to be spiritual to reap the rewards this practise has to offer, it is a way of being and is for each and everyone.

A horse has an excellent memory, but his thoughts are only in the present.

Over thousands of years the horse, being a prey animal, has developed to be more locomotive and sensory than thoughtful, crucial for their own survival. The horse lives and breathes in the present, something that when we are with our horse, we often overlook.

By becoming present, the practise of Mindfulness can stabilise our emotional responses to internal thoughts and external stimuli, allowing us to become aware of our own actions in a compassionate and non-judgemental way, over time creating new permanent thought patterns and positive behaviours. Exercises reinforced and practised on a daily basis create permanent change within the psych,

aiding and benefiting a multitude of areas including:

  • Stress

  • Clarity

  • Awareness

  • Greater insight

  • Emotional regulation

  • Develop Self-Awareness

  • Enhanced mental function

  • Improved problem-solving

  • Self-compassion and kindness

  • Mental Health (Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks)

  • Ability to cope with difficult thoughts and emotions

As an accredited practitioner with extensive experience in the practise of Mindfulness, Mindfulness sessions with Ross incorporates the healing power of horses in to each empowering and peaceful session. Private one-to-one sessions are available with you and your horse, developing your awareness through a series of unique methods and exercises alongside their natural way of being to help you become present, both in life, and with your horse.

Group sessions and courses are run by Rosca Horsemanship here in Derbyshire in a natural setting to bring present focus and awareness to each individual, joined by some very special Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy horses. These sessions give you the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas surrounded by the nurturing energy of nature whilst we journey through meditation and exercises to bring peace and control to the present mind.

Session Rates


Equus Mindfulness, Private - £40 (90 Minutes)
(Flat rate within a 5 mile radius)

Equus Mindfulness, Private - £40 (90 Minutes)

(+ travel expenses outside of a 5 mile radius)

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