F a e r y  R e i k i

The Reiki energy of the Fae is a healing frequency channelled directly from the Feary Realm.

Fairy Reiki establishes a deep connection with mother earth, working with the spirits of nature and specifically the four elemental energies; air, earth, fire and water during a treatment. The elements within us can become unbalanced, therefore by bringing in these in a treatment, cleanses stagnant energy, bringing our body back in to harmony. 


Feary Reiki treatments with Ross, are a relaxing and peaceful experience working on five elemental sections; water, air, fire, earth and spirit. Treatments are available for all beings, from children to the older generation, with the benefits varying according to the needs of the individual. Those receiving a treatment often enter a deep state of relaxation and calm, with the effects felt minutes, hours or even days later. Feary Reiki is a particularly powerful grounding treatment and a must have for those who feel a connection and afinity to the natural world

Creating a healing space in the comfort of your own home, Ross is available to travel to you.
No specific equipment is needed, just a quiet room and a comfortable place for you to relax, sit or lay down; a treatment table is readily available to accompany Ross to create these healing spaces. Treatments can even be held outside surrounded by the purity of nature to enahnce that connection.

Treatment Prices


Feary Reiki Treatment - £35 (45 Minute)

+ Travel expenses

To book a treatment, workshop or for further information, please feel free to get in touch