Mindfulness is the adoption of a new mind set, a psychological practise of training the mind to bring awareness to the present moment through a series of exercises and techniques, positively altering mood and mindset. 

A holistic approach to self-care, Mindfulness works with the mind, body and soul as one. It is not a religion and one does not have to be spiritual to reap the rewards this practise has to offer, it is a way of being and is for each and everyone.

By becoming present, the practise of Mindfulness can stabilise our emotional responses to internal thoughts and external stimulus, allowing us to become aware of our own actions in a compassionate and non-judgemental way, over time creating permanent thought patterns and new and positive behaviours.

These new behaviours and thought patterns can be beneficial in a number of environments and scenarios, from the experiencing of mild discomfort, to the workplace. To be Mindful helps the development of emotional intelligence, overall awareness and greater well-being.

It is a concept that benefits not just one, but all.

In our present world, the need to exercise self-care is becoming more and more prominent.

Statistics show that 1/5 adults will experience mental illness in any given year, with 1/10 young people experiencing the same due to external pressures. Mindfulness has been shown to significantly reduce symptoms in many mental health problems and support medical treatment.

Exercises reinforced and practised on a daily basis create permanent change within the psych, aiding and benefiting a multitude of :


  • Stress

  • Awareness

  • Greater insight

  • Emotional control

  • Develop Self-Awareness

  • Improved problem-solving

  • Self-compassion and kindness

  • Mental Health (Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks)

  • Ability to cope with difficult thoughts and emotions

Through one-to-one sessions, groups session, courses or workshops where thoughts can be shared, ideas can be spoken and exercises practised, an environment is created to bring support and insight through nurturing energy to get the very best of yourselves, right here, right now.


Mindfulness Session Rates

Private Sessions


 (90 Minutes)
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(90 Minutes)

+ travel expenses

(Over a 5 mile radius)

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