Tarot Reading


 Originating in Northern Italy in the early fifteenth century, the Tarot is a form of divination and self-development, consisting of a deck of 78 symbolic cards.

The Tarot provides insight in to the patterns and rhythms of your life.
Tarot can be used to explore a specific question or life as a whole, providing a mirror to yourself and the energy that surrounds you at the present time. 

A Tarot Reading can help guide you through troubled emotions, muddled thoughts and curiosities by offering a reflection of your past, present and possible future, handing you a fresh perspective on your life. They can be used to provide guidance, brain-storming sessions or for spiritual insight.















Each card within the deck has a specific set of meanings attached, that in a reading are added to 'spreads'; these provide a framework for the reader to analyse a problem or situation, exploring future options by contemplating the past that has led them to the present.

Applying the meaning of a card to a question allows the mind to look for meanings and links it would not normally consider, providing the questioner with fresh insight . The cards show future trends and problems that may present themselves.

Tarot is an empowering way to put you in touch with your own fate.

The type of spread used in a reading reflects the question you wish to answer or the insight you wish to seek, be this for personal development and problem solving, relationships or revelation.


Tarot Card Reading Rates

25 Minute Reading - £20

45 Minute Reading - £35

Online Reading - £15


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