I met Ross when I bought my horse, as he was training a whole herd of breeding horses to be sold on as ridden horses. What struck me from the first phone call was that he was looking for the right home for each and every horse and that he wouldn't compromise on that. He clearly put the horses' welfare and long term happiness first. Ross was absolutely straightforward with me and it was a refreshing change as a buyer, to meet an agent with integrity. He even accompanied my horse on the journey over to me because she was a nervous traveller and he wanted to make sure she was ok.

Over the process of buying my horse Star, I have got to know Ross and I have seen how he has single-handedly trained nearly 20 horses to be ridden and handled within 6 months, with very few resources at his disposal. His methods are gentle and he creates fantastic relationships with the horses he works with. Ross is very skilled at working with different horse personalities - he treats them all as individuals and gets the best out of them by understanding how they tick. My horse, in particular, was a challenge as she has been mistreated in the past and had been labelled 'uncatchable' and 'unrideable' but when I met her she had clearly developed the capacity to trust people again, thanks to Ross. Needless to say, she comes straight to me in the field! He has kept in touch with me to get updates on her progress and is always there if I need ideas with my girl. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and to hire him as a horse trainer, if I needed one.

Dr Anna Walton
Psychologist and Equine Assisted Psychotherapist, Buckinghamshire


 In November 2016 Derbyshire Wildlife Trust bought 3 wild Konik ponies straight from the fens of Cambridgeshire to use as lawnmowers on some of their wetland nature reserves. These horses were born into a wild, unhandled herd that have to be tranquillised with a dart gun to be caught. Whilst generally a quiet, placid breed, these horses had virtually no human contact before arriving in Derbyshire and certainly no rapport or intention of 'normal' interaction with people. Despite my best efforts both the mares remained aloof and unpredictable to handle.
Whilst their main role is to help DWT manage nature reserves through their grazing, for their safety and well-being and for those of us that have to handle and move them it is important we could catch or move them safely. Ross came to meet them and within minutes had gained their interest and trust.
Within 2 sessions he was able to headcollar and lead the older mare. Her default position of quietly taking herself off to the edge of the group to avoid interaction was soon overcome by a gentle confidence and the kind, respectful relationship she realised she could have with people. The younger mare was more resistant, her nervousness manifesting itself as aggression and flash mood changes but Ross's calm and quiet manner never altered, he gently showed her the boundaries whilst being quick to pick up on the positive signs.
A few months on and we have loving, relaxed horses that lead easily, self-load, stand quietly for the farrier and actively seek people out for love and affection.
Watching Ross work has always been so interesting and inspirational, I (and the horses!) have enjoyed and learnt something new every session and his positive and can-do loving attitude has made learning such fun that we all look forward to the next time! If you want to communicate, connect and have a true partnership with your horse then Ross can help you.

Kate Lemon, Reserves Officer
Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

I'd recommend Ross to anyone. The techniques he showed us have worked wonders with our little pony. Her behaviour has changed within 4 days of doing what he suggested. It's incredible!!

Carrie Alcock, Staffordshire


Ross started working with my horse, Jazz, in January 2016. Jazz started to exhibit some unwanted behaviour causing me to lose my confidence with her and I felt I had gone as far as I could go with starting her ridden career on my own.

I think it is safe to say that Jazz hasn’t been the easiest of horses to connect with due to her introverted nature; this meant that we have had to consider other ways of approaching things with her and addressing the unwanted behaviour in Ross’s gentle, kind and consistent approach which has worked wonders.

When Ross first started with Jazz, I had no intention of riding Jazz bitless, however after seeing how well she responded to his aids, I wouldn’t even consider going back to a bit. Thanks to Ross’s hard work and consistency I now have a young horse that can be ridden bitless in a group or out alone, without need for whips, martingales or any other “training aids”. Jazz is safe, sane and unflappable and although she is still work in progress as she is only a youngster,
I am so pleased with her progress I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ross.

Natasha Martin, Derbyshire


After my 17h thoroughbred getting progressively worse and worse to load, a friend, who also had very successful results, suggested I try Ross to see if he could help us. After 20 minutes with my horse Ross had him loading with no anxiety and no pushing, shoving or getting angry. It was amazing to watch and my boy now loads by himself! I would recommend Ross to anyone who is having problems or anyone who is interested in understanding how to read their horses behaviour. Excellent service from start to finish.

Millie Fox, Lincolnshire


Ross has been giving me and my horse lessons for over a year now. In that time we have come a long way. Not only has my horse grown in his own confidence but I now have a lot more belief in myself and can be much more assertive with him. 


Ross approaches each situation calmly and quietly, observing the horses body language and how the owner reacts to better understand why there could be an issue before starting, so knows what techniques may be required. We went back to basics as he identified my horse was leaning on his bit so we have gone back to bitless. He's so much happier now when putting his bridle on, doesn't throw his head up any more. In fact I have the opposite problem now where he is so relaxed I practically have to bridle him sat on the floor!


I'd strongly recommend Ross if you feel you have lost your bond with your best friend as thanks to his help we don't have the conflict any more and has brought us closer together again.

Rachel Inglis, Derbyshire


We have engaged Ross as a freelance member of staff on occasion at Ingleston Barn mainly for assisting in yard duties and helping with young horses .

From the outset we were impressed by his quiet and professional manner. He worked confidently with all of our horses and his approach was always calm and assured. Ross was popular with staff and clients at Ingleston and was always polite and cheerful with everyone


Ann Pinkerton


Ross, really helped with my dominant mare, after only being able to lead her in a chiffney I can now lead her in a normal halter! Would highly recommend!

Jade Collins, High Peak, Derbyshire


I had a few problems with my horse - not able to catch her, getting extremely nervous when ridden, refusing to hack out, sweating up in the box, running away with me when I did finally catch her and also a fair bit of separation anxiety when my other horse was removed for her sight. So I contacted Ross, who my mum had found on Facebook.

I saw a difference in my horse (Izzy) within the first session - after an hour I could catch her and not only that - she was following me around like she was a big dog! After five more sessions.. Ross had her walking perfectly in hand and I was riding her with no bridle... This was a horse a few weeks before I was scared to take a martingale off. She was also no longer sweating when ridden and was perfectly happy to be taken away from her companion. A total transformation (of course I still had to practice with Izzy during the week what we had learned in the previous session). Ross is very knowledgeable and certainly has a way with horses. Would highly recommend!!

Nia Locke, Derbyshire Dales


"As a keen horsewoman myself and an advocate of natural horsemanship methods, I found Ross to be a kind and patient horseman, putting the horse first at all times"

Toni Knight, Nottinghamshire

Can't recommend Ross highly enough. We had virtually given up on the idea of taking Echo anywhere in a trailer after a few very stressful loading disasters! Ross managed to load him in 15 minutes without any stress at all. Ross's calm, firm approach worked wonders and we are now looking forward to getting out and about

Karen Chetwin, Derbyshire


I first met Ross when I was buying my horse. I had only just started riding again after a fall 7 years ago that took my confidence and had not been around horses for that length of time either. My nerves were shot to pieces! I had fallen in love with a horse that needed some work on manners as she had not been ridden for 2 years and prior to that had only been in the school by her field for 4 years. Loading was a problem for her after banging her head so we had no idea how we were going to get her from A to B! She was scared of everything and quite jumpy. Quite a risk given my lack of confidence but I knew the horses history as I was buying her from a friend so I knew that if somebody could teach me and build my confidence we would be ok. ENTER ROSS!😊

Ross came and did ground work with us, reminding my horse of her manners and teaching me how to handle her so I could continue with the work. He did the hard bit whilst building my confidence amazingly, enabling me to get some real ongoing results. He taught me to think from her point of view- he was so calm and gentle whatever the situation. When it came to loading- well it was amazing! It only took an hour and she went on like a dream! We did the actual transporting a week later when Ross wasn't there and she was still perfect.

Ross told me what to expect in the settling in period and since then I have continued to apply all he taught me. I now have a lovely settled horse, manners almost perfect, and am able to continue to build the bond between us. Ross took my fear away and enabled me to do this confidently and calmly. Since my horse arrived with me Ross has continued to support me via text with advice and confirmation I am doing things correctly (no charge for this support, I swear he does it for the love of making horses and owners lives better!)

I would totally recommend him to anybody having any issues at all, he just has a way about him that you would want him around your horse, knowing his methods are kind and respectful to the horse and he gets results, in my case in a very short time. LOVE HIM!


Jane Deans, Staffordshire



I was over the moon with the service Ross provided for us, his calm and un rushed approach ensured that my horse was really calm and happy travelling to his new home. He'd always proven difficult to load, and in an emotional situation like that day, it would have definitely ended differently without his help. I'll always be grateful that he made the effort to travel to us to help.

Bethan Hogan, South Wales


When Ross first started teaching us I was doing too much and my horse was doing very little.

With Ross's help the roles have reversed, now I ask quietly and get so much more of a response. I think we are both enjoying our riding together again.

Thanks Ross, would highly recommend you to anyone.

Rachel Swindell, Nottinghamshire


I write formally to provide a testimonial for Ross. He is a dependable, positive and outgoing person who has provided me with great support, advice and ideas in dealing with my difficult horse. My horse had serious food and aggression tendencies, all of which Ross helped me cope with and at no time was he negative about the path forward. He never resorted to using any strict discipline methods on my horse, and was always encouraging and persisted to help us achievie our goals.

Ross will provide you with an efficient, caring service in assisting with the management, training and care of your horse.

Sheena Trower, Derbyshire


We have not been able to load Magic for the past few years. By using his endless patience and skills over the past few weeks Magic was introduced to the scary horsebox again for the first time today. Within an hour she was loading happily. I am still in shock. Amazing!!!

Tracey Benbow, Staffordshire

Ross came to help with my Irish boy and straight away identified some back issues and recommended a fantastic physio. Ross highlighted that my boys problems were physical not behavioural. I'd definitely contact Rosca Horsemanship in the future

Victoria Bream, Leicestershire


I really can't recommend Ross enough. He is such a lovely guy and I clicked with him straight away. He ' read ' my youngster straight away and correctly advised that pain was causing my horse's behavior issues. Thanks Ross I hope we meet up again xx

Karen Warren-Clarke, Staffordshire

He is so kind, patient+ consistent horseman ive ever met he has worked wonders on my 2 appaloosa colts - they are lovely boys but i just havnt had time to do anything with them - he is turning them into happy well mannered boys + as for daisy she was lightly back a few years ago but hes working his magic on her + she is doing fantastic ross is first class + he such a hoot to be with i would recommend him to anyone + would be more than happy to talk to anyone about what he has done for me + my horses

Jane Calladine, Derbyshire

After six years of uphill struggles trying to load my horse successfully I finally turned to Ross for assistance. He spent time understanding my horses fears and issues and worked with her on them in a productive, kind and natural manner using principles of horse behaviour to overcome this obstacle. He then spent time with myself, ensuring that I felt equipped to repeat these principles with her. I have since been successful in loading her with zero stress needed, taking more like five minutes rather than the two hours it used to take. I would feel confident to go to Ross with any other issues and know he would dedicate his time to myself and my horse. X

Rosie Turner, Derbyshire

I came across Ross a few days after I bought my horse Joey, he had been recommended by a few people on the yard.

As soon as I met Ross he seemed to have an instant connection with Joey and I felt like he could really help us get to know each other and grow together. After a few sessions with Ross I already felt a difference between mine and Joeys relationship.

He has taught me how to connect on a deeper level with Joey and shown me different techniques to help both Joey and myself. I have a great deal of confidence in Ross’s skills and can’t recommend him enough. Even in the toughest of situations, for example Jojo isn’t keen on loading and I had tried many a time for hours on end with no joy. I decided to see if Ross could help( not feeling confident in the slightest) however after just 1/2 an hour Ross got Joey loading on and off without any incentives and it’s been happy days ever since.

Ross is also very accommodating to my time scale doing later or earlier sessions to work around my family and myself. I had lost all confidence in myself as a rider and was dubious to go out on hacks so Ross took Joey out a few times and then suggested we go out together on a hack, I was very nervous but it was great, Joey was the perfect gentleman and now I love to go out exploring with him. Thanks Ross your the best!

Ivy Whitehouse, Derbyshire


I started working with Ross in the summer of 2016 following a recommendation from my equine masseur. I was having issues with loading my Arab mare and Ross gave me the confidence to be more aware of my body position and being positive. Following a major accident in September 2016 where I fell off when my mare bolted, Ross supported us to begin our journey of re- connecting and learning to trust each other again. 

I was already barefoot, treeless and bitless however Ross supported me to change my saddle ( which was throwing me forward ) and to change my bridle ( from a bitless with too much metal to a rope head collar).

We began fortnightly lessons in November 2016 and after 6 months I was back doing pleasure endurance rides. On 10th September this year I rode on my own at an endurance event which for me and my mare was a massive achievement as it was the anniversary of my accident. 

I continue to have fortnightly lessons to develop my relationship with my horse , maintain my confidence and keep focused on my goal to compete at an endurance event on my own in 2018. 

Ross’s approach gives you the confidence to believe in yourself and your relationship with your horse. I am still barefoot, treeless and riding in a rope head collar. I often get strange looks that I interpret as ‘ have you forgotten your bridle?’

You don’t need a piece of metal in a horses mouth to ride. You need a relationship of mutual trust which comes from spending time with your horse and an instructor who understands both you and your horse.

Jan Pierce, Derbyshire

Jan has ridden ever since I met her and there has always been an element of uncertainty as to how things would go when she was riding.

I have dealt with her being thrown a number of times, which did little to reassure

Following a serious incident in September 2016, Jan began working in earnest with Ross on developing her skills as a rider. He has encouraged her to connect with the horse in a very natural way which has led to her riding bitless, barefoot and treeless on a flighty Arab.

However through the work that Ross has done, I can say that I have never seen Jan so confident as a rider, so enthused about her riding and enjoying it the way that she does now

Jim Pierce, Derbyshire

I needed help with loading my 17hh thoroughbred who’d began to get some bad habits,
two hours with Ross and his calm but consistent approach and he loads every time now - can’t be happier! Thoroughly recommend!

Rhiannon Barr, Nottinghamshire

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