T R A I N I N G  & C O A C H I N G

The world of equestrianism has become conditioned to a certain way of treating and training the horse.

Through his approach Rosca Horsemanship breaks this cycle, bringing ethical and compassionate horsemanship, education and a positive training approach to those seeking an alternate way of being.

From foundation to advanced horsemanship, Rosca Horsemanship offers a range of services, from hands on training to dynamic ridden coaching catering for all disciplines, and both English and Western styles of riding. Ross has worked with a variety of horses, from Arabian to Clydesdale, competition to remedial, of varying ages, abilities and disciplines.

Rosca Horsemanship specialises in bitless training and coaching, foundation horsemanship,

young horses and behavioural rehabilitation and problem solving.  Each service is available to both horse and rider, from ground and saddle-training to development and ridden instruction.

Rosca Horsemanship is freelance and travels Nationwide to you for private and group sessions, with local arena hire available for those wishing to travel to Ross for lessons.

Clinics, demonstrations and workshops are available.

See below for a full list of services

Advancing a horse of any level requires consistency and variation from the human, with mental and physical readiness of the horse. These schooling sessions focus on furthering and refining your horses education under saddle and can focus on; flatwork, fitness, pole-work, jumping, transitions, self-carriage, yielding  or suppleness, the list really is endless. Together, we will find a new and fresh way to achieve your goals, without compromising you or your horse.


Assessments bring fresh eyes to the relationship and communication between you and your horse and the interpretation of their behaviour. 

Behavioural Issues/Problem Horses
As an Equine Behaviourist, Rosca Horsemanship successfully works to solve a number of problem behaviours, both on the ground and in the saddle including; leading issues, haltering/catching, hoof handling, mounting, bridling, emotional issues, head-shaking, rearing, trailer loading, anxiety, spookiness, bolting and napping.

Bitless Coaching and Training
A specialist in bitless training, sessions with Rosca Horsemanship focus on coaching both you and your horse through the bitless transition. This progressive approach to riding will enable you both to find a new level of connection and communication in the saddle.

Bridle Assessments
Rosca Horsemanship is always focusing on bringing education and accessibility to the equine world. Ross has been extensively studying equine anatomy, specifically how bridle fit can affect behaviour, comfort and performance. By assessment of your horses facial conformation combined with a knowledge of the facial anatomy, we can look a current bridle fit and how this can be improved for better anatomical comfort.

Be sure to check out two workshops from Rosca Horsemanship; 'Unbridled' and 'Bitless, Unbridled'.


Bridleless Riding
In addition to bitted and bitless training, Rosca Horsemanship can offers training for bridlesless riding. Sessions such as these will develop a new found freedom of riding tackless with the assistance of a cordeo (neckrope).



Rosca Horsemanship specialises in bitless equine driving training.

Equine Reiki
Equine Reiki treatments allow us to work with the horse on a deeper level, through the use of an intelligent, healing energy. Reiki has a number of benefits, including the removal of energy blockages, emotional and spiritual cleansing, the relief of physical ailments and creating a state of calm and relaxation; an excellent complimentary therapy.

Please visit the Equine Energy Healing page for further information.​

Ensuring a solid foundation of groundwork is essential for any horse, providing them with the stability for future education to be built upon; a parallel from ground to saddle, or stimulation and enjoyment for non-ridden equines. Groundwork sessions can engage the horse both physically and mentally, focusing on a vast number of exercises to improve and benefit connection, response, suppleness and body communication. These sessions are invaluable, and can focus on foundation to advanced groundwork, including; liberty play, leading, hoof-handling, body communication, obstacles, circle exercises, pole-work, in-hand, show-prep, confidence building, rope-work, softness and ground-driving to name a few.

Horsemanship Coaching
Learning a new approach can be daunting.
Horsemanship Lessons with Ross provide a fun, informative and progressive way to get the best out of you and your horse, learning together, developing a deeper connection and understanding.
Generic lessons are available and can be tailored to specific areas if required.

Liberty Play
Liberty play is an essential tool for developing a harmonious partnership between handler and horse. These sessions will develop your trust and connection, bringing both fun and freedom to your relationship.

Relationship Building

Relationship building is about 'being'. Rosca Horsemanship aims to heal and improve the connection you have with your horse, working through the mis-communications that may of developed, aiding you both in reaching the aspirations and full potential of your partnership.

Ridden Coaching & Development
Ridden coaching looks to develop your skill set in the saddle. As a UKCC coach, Ross enables you to get the best of yourself through the primary use of seat and natural aids, communicating more effectively with your horse. With a degree as a Personal Trainer, this further compliments rider development and instruction, with the in-depth knowledge of human bio-mechanics.
Generic lessons are available and can be tailored to your needs.

Riding with Confidence
Working with confidence is as much about working with the person as it is with the horse. Combining perceptive people skills with horsemanship ensures these sessions are both motivational, uplifting, and taken at the pace you need; encouragement through education.


Softness Training
The horse is born with the gift of softness that few are aware of. It is a subtle feel that is often missed, and because of this, the horse will often feel dull, braced and heavy; both physically and mentally. Softness Training will help you both regain that softness and lightness, whether bitted or bitless, to communicate in a harmonious unison.

Saddle Starting/Backing
Starting the most important chapter in the life of a ridden horse. Ross believes a horse should be set up to progress forwards towards any discipline with a universal foundation of education
After establishing a solid foundation and connection on the ground, horses will then commence to work with saddle and rider, progressed at their own individual pace.
Starting your horse will cover foundation groundwork, saddling and mounting, with each horse beginning their ridden education bitless and ridden at all three gaits on a loose rein, before further refinement, and the introduction of a bit, if requested.

A safe, responsive and happy horse is a consistent turn-out with Rosca Horsemanship, ready  to progress towards any discipline, with both English and Western catered for.

Trail Training
Outside of the arena, your horse will face a number of obstacles and situations that they won't have always met before. Trail training looks to focus on working with the horses psych, building their self-confidence, outside of the arena, in different environments and scenarios.

Trailer Loading
Horses develop an aversion to loading for many reasons, from fear to mis-communication. One thing is certain, you will never create a confident loader through fear or force; never. Rosca Horsemanship will work with the reason for your horses aversion to loading, with your horse, in a calm, kind and confident manner, whilst developing your skills to successfully trailer them with ease and comfort for years to come.

Young Horses
Working with young horses can focus on the very basics for human interaction, to more advanced training. From foals to inexperienced and feral horses, these sessions, like all others, work with the the individual, on a range of areas including; halter-starting, leading, personal space, softness & lightness, tethering, confidence building, obstacles, trailer training, feet handling and in-hand communication.

 Session Rates

£30 p/H
(Flat rate within a 5 mile radius)

£30 p/H
+ travel expenses
(Over a 5 mile radius)

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