U s u i  R e i k i

Reiki is an ancient method of energy healing, over 2500 years old. Translated, the word 'Reiki' means 'universal life force energy'. The human body is naturally designed to heal. Reiki stimulates and aids this healing process, clearing blockages and allowing the natural flow of life force energy to continue through pathways in the body. Reiki knows where to go and how much to give.

A Reiki treatment promotes the bodies natural self-healing process by bringing the body back in to balance through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual cleansing, working with the Chakras, Meridians and Nadis of the body, to unblock and maintain the natural flow of life force energy through the body.

There are many benefits of a healing treatment that work on treating the body as a whole;

mind, body and spirit.

Benefits of Reiki include:

  • The removal of energy blockages, 

  • Aiding the relief of physical pain and ailments

  • Complimenting prescribed and holistic therapy

  • Physical and mental illness

  • Reduction of medicinal side-effects

  • Aids and accelerates the bodies self-healing abilities

  • Aids the body in release of stress, tension and negative energy

  • Creating a state of calm and relaxation

  • Supporting of the immune system

Treatments & Courses


Direct from the lineage of Dr Mikao Usui, healing treatments with Ross, are a relaxing and peaceful experience, guided by intuition. Treatments are available for all beings, from children to the older generation, both human and animal, with the benefits varying according to the needs of the individual, and can incorporate complimentary therapies including crystal healing, aromatherapy and dowsing. Those receiving a treatment often enter a deep state of relaxation and calm, with the effects felt minutes, hours or even days later.

Creating a healing space in the comfort of your own home, Ross is available to travel to you. No specific equipment is needed, just a quiet room and  a comfortable place for you to relax, sit or lay down; a treatment table is readily available to accompany Ross to create these healing spaces. Treatments can even be held outside surrounded by the purity of nature.

As a Master Teacher, Ross regularly runs private and public courses to take you through your journey of Reiki if learning to become a channel for this energy is of interest to you.

Treatment Prices


Healing Treatment - £35 (60 Minute)

Healing Treatment - £20 (30 Minute)

+ Travel expenses

To book a treatment, workshop or for further information, please feel free to get in touch

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