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Virtual coaching with Rosca Horsemanship is a beneficial way to gain informative and productive insight in to the relationship and development between yourself and your horse, without obtaining those extra miles, making lessons with Ross easily accessible worldwide!

As a level 3 Equine Psychologist and UKCC coach, Rosca Horsemanship will help and support your development, whether this be developing your own riding through analysing posture, movement and communication, equine behavioural assessments, or a series of online lessons.

Virtual coaching with Ross is simple and straight forward:


  1. ​Submit you current email address when booking through PAYPAL (£20).

  2.  Within 48 hours you will receive the Rosca Horsemanship lesson form and Dropbox link to the email address you have provided.

  3. Upload your video to Dropbox (15 minutes maximum, 720p minimum, HD preferred) accompanied by an email with your coaching subject, question or problem. Please ensure your video is steady, not too close or far away.

  4. You will then receive a response from Rosca Horsemanship personally within 72 hours, containing a detailed analysis of your video, with step-by-step exercises moving forward with achievable and measurable goals personalised to you. A video response or telephone consultation may be provided if available




Learn in a new way, today!