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R O S C A T O G R A P H Y 


Ross Cooper of Roscatography is a published photographer based in Derbyshire, the heart of the Midlands.

With a timeless passion for conservation, Ross specialises in wildlife photography, capturing nature and the worlds wildlife, and having been fortunate enough to travel to some of the worlds richest wildlife viewing locations including Africa and North America.


Ross also offers a number of bespoke photographic packages for equine and pet portrait, where he seeks to capture the spirit of the moment through the lens, both essence and emotion. Moments will be turned into memories, whether this be a walk with four-legged-friends, a special moment between you and your horse, or that perfect timeless shot of your pet to always remember.

A range of wildlife and landscape prints from around the world are available through the Roscatography Etsy store.

Photographic services for events and commissions are also available.