Ross Cooper of Rosca Horsemanship is a British Horseman, trainer and coach providing quality horsemanship for both horse and human. From foundation to advanced Horsemanship, Ross travels Nationwide working with a variety of horses, from pleasure to competition, promoting harmonious and willing partnerships built on trust and understanding that achieve positive lasting results through effective communication.

Ross has a intuitive way of working, with an ethical and compassionate approach to training of the horse using the least aversive approach adapted to suit each individual. As a certified Equine Psychologist, Ross employs the principles of the natural horse, by learning from the horse; the natural behaviour, psychology and physiology, the true principles of Horsemanship. Horsemanship is not a method, it is a way of being with the horse; a way of thinking and a way of feeling. By working with the horse in this way, we can mutually communicate in the way that positive progress is made, in a way the horse can understand.

Ross works towards meeting the needs of the horse and ambitions of the handler by finding the right programme and approach that works for them.

As a UKCC coach teaching with behaviour in mind, Ross caters for all ridden disciplines and both English and Western coaching and training, developing feel in both horse and rider as individuals to achieve their full potential. All training is in the absence of conventional and traditional methods; no fear, no force, no pain and no gadgets, challenging the conditioned way horses are treated and trained to improve the world for all equines.

Based in the United Kingdom on the border of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, Rosca Horsemanship is freelance and travels Nationwide to you for private and group sessions, with clinics, demonstrations and workshops available.

Ross is also a regular writer for Horsemanship Journal/Western Horse UK, Horsemanship Magazine and Midlands Horse Magazine.

For information on training, lessons and clinics, contact Ross today.

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