Intensive Training


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Intensive Training with Rosca Horsemanship sees multiple (3-5) sessions booked over the period of a week, over multiple weeks (2 week minimum booking), producing the same lasting and successful results in a shorter space of time, without your horse ever having to leave home!

The approach of Rosca Horsemanship has always focused on meeting the needs of your horse as an individual, finding the right approach that works for them.

A key ingredient to good horsemanship with all horses is consistency, however some horses respond better to a little more regular training approach, particularly remedial horses; those who have suffered neglect and mis-treatment in their past, or require consistency with physical or psychological rehabilitation.

Recent research has shown that effective psychological learning can take place with three sessions per week, but for optimum physiological development muscles need to be recruited four times weekly.

The focus of training is available for any area that you require, be this the starting of a horse under saddle, the advancement of ridden work, remedial training, or simply wanting to improve your own knowledge and relationship with your horse.

As time can be an issue for those with full-time occupations, the handler being present is optional;

your horse and myself can work on a 1-1 basis until they have reached a more advanced level of training, or when the time becomes available for you to join us.

Intensive Training with Rosca Horsemanship is available at your establishment, in the localised

areas of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Staffordshire.

To get in touch and for further information on Intensive Training availability, please get in touch.